Ostrich Feathers are very beautiful and have been used for many purposes over the years. The first use of ostrich feathers is recorded on the walls of Egyptian Pharaoh's tombs where the ostrich feather was used as a symbol of justice, with the 2 sides of the feather having equal length plumes. During the "Feather Boom" period before WW1 ostrich feathers were used in ladies fashions. When the fashion of ostrich feathers became less popular, ostrich feathers were used to make feather dusters - the feathers attract dust and are used extensively in domestic applications. 

Ostrich Feathers have also been stripped and bound into fringes referred to as "Ruching" and used to decorate clothing and shawls. Mohair shawls are available from Leathers & Feathers with Ostrich Feather ruching along one side, giving the shawl a luscious finish. The same ostrich ruching is used to make ostrich feather handbags, also available from Leathers & Feathers