Ostrich Leather has a unique quill pattern referred to as "knoppies". This makes ostrich leather a wonderful material for exotic-leather handbags and accessories. Western "Cowboy" boots are made with crown quill inserts and even motor vehicle seats and household furniture has been made with ostrich leather. Ostrich Leather is extremely durable and is available in numerous finishes and colours. Most ostrich leather items are produced from aniline-dyed leather in a "Saddle Finish". The tanning and finishing of ostrich leather is a highly skilled process and is done in specialized ostrich leather tanneries  near the "Ostrich Capital" of Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo area . 


The entire skin of the ostrich is processed & tanned and even the legskin referred to as "shin" is used.The diagram above shows which area of the ostrich skin has the distinctive "knoppies" and is referred to as the Crown. Other areas of the skin have less prominent quill patterns and are used for linings & back panels of handbags. Ostrich Leather is graded and only premium first-grade skins with no blemished are used for handbags. Ostrich Leather Products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen for Leathers & Feathers using all parts of selected ostrich leather skins.