Mohair Scarf with Ostrich Feather Rouching - Black
R 579.00

Mohair Scarf with Ostrich Feather Rouching - Black

These beautiful Mohair Scarves are hand-woven in South Africa and then ruched with a fringe of dyed Ostrich Feathers. Mohair from Angora Goats is hand-woven by rural women in a labor-intensive cottage industry. The Mohair is hand-spun, dyed and hand-woven into exquisite Mohair Scarves in a range of colours. 

Ruching is the process of gathering Ostrich Feathers into strips and sewing them into strands of uniform ply/thickness ie 4 -Ply. The Ostrich Feathers are dyed to perfectly match the Colour of the Scarf. The Ruching is hand-stitched onto the fringe of the Scarf to create a beautiful Ostrich Feather ruched Mohair Scarf.


Colours Available: Black, Aubergine, Mink, Charcoal, Grey, Navy

 Length: 30cm wide x 120cm Long


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